What To Bring

Hunters should bring the following basic items:
• Weapon
• Camo Clothing
• Personal Items
• Rubber Boots
• Leather Boots
• Camp Shoes
• Safety Belt
• Climbing stand (optional)
• Towel
• Binoculars
• Gloves
• Face Mask (Paint)
• Rain Gear
• Knife
• Bow Rope
• Scents (optional )
• License / Tags / Stamps
• Scent Free Soap

And above all prepare for all weather!

Hunt Information
Hunters arrive typically the day before they are scheduled to hunt.  We prefer that hunters arrive after 12:00PM the day before.  Upon arrival hunters will be given the opportunity to relax, unpack, check equipment, and possibly tour the properties.  Hunters can also sight in their bows or shotguns/muzzleloaders if need be.  In the evening prior to the hunt guests will enjoy a home cooked meal followed by a good night sleep.  The morning of the hunt guests will be woken up a couple hours before shooting time.  A light meal will be provided then it is off to the field to place hunters in their respective stands.  We have over 600 stands placed in pre-scouted areas.  If a hunter wishes to use his own tree stand or ground blind he can do so.  We require that all hunters hunting out of tree stands utilize safety harnesses.  The hunter can hunt as long as he/she wants, just let the guide know when to pick you up.  If you are successful, the guide will assist you in field dressing the animal as well as checking the animal in at the local check station.  Now its back to lodge to start bragging!  In the evening, Hunters will sit down to another home cooked meal and share stories of the days hunt.

How to find us
Pike County is accessed by major highways.  Quincy airport is just 25 miles away and St. Louis International airport is just 90 miles away.  For driving directions please see Mapquest.   Once a hunt is booked a hunter will receive an information packet with specific driving directions.

The Lodge at Eagle Lakes Outfitters

Important/Useful Links

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