Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hunt with a rifle?   
The State of Illinois does not permit rifle hunts. You may use a shotgun or muzzleloader  

Can I use a Crossbow?     
If you are not able to use a compound bow, you may apply for a special permit with the state of   
Illinois. You will need to have your physician complete the form stating why you are not able to use a compound bow.    
Why a non-trophy fee instead of a trophy fee?   
We believe strongly in our management program and we feel that the best way to encourage our hunters is to tell them our minimum and let 'em go! There are more than enough bucks that exceed that minimum and we encourage our hunters to be patient and wait for the right one. Subjecting the hunter to a fee if the buck they take is below our minimums ensure the future of the industry, our management program and the quality and size of the biggest whitetail in the country!  

Can I get directions to your lodge?    
Yes, click here for driving directions.
What is included in my guided hunt?    
Each of our hunts is fully-guided, which means our guides will transport you to and from your hunting spot.  We will help you track your deer, field dress your kill, prepare it for taxidermy, meat processing or transport home.  We will strategize with you on the best locations and stands for you to use and the time of day for you to hunt.  
Is there a minimum on bucks?     
Yes, we require that you shoot at least a 130" class buck.
What do I need to bring?     
Click here for a suggested gear list.  
What is the opportunity rate?     
Approximately 80% for 130's or better   
What kind of terrain or locations do we hunt?   
We have a mixture of timber and fields where our deer hang out! We strategically plant and maintain nutritious food plots for our deer. They love our food plots and visit them frequently!  
What kinds of stands do you use? Should I bring my own?
All kinds of stands are available for use! We set up over 800 stands each year. You are welcome to bring your own however, it is not necessary.    

Are deer free roaming and wild or is it a high fence hunt?  
Our deer are absolutely free roaming. We offer the hunter a true hunting experience!  

If I don't harvest a buck during my scheduled hunt, can I come back and try again?  
If we have room, we would love to have you back. Let one of the guides know or make sure you talk to Ted before you leave to determine our availability.  

What do you charge for youth hunters?    
Youth under the age of 16 at the time of the hunt are allowed to hunt free with a paid adult (parent, grandparent, uncle/aunt)  
We know that this is rare for a youth to hunt free with us, but we believe that this is where the love of 
the hunt comes from - our youth! The tags/permits and all licenses are the responsibility of the Check with IDNR regarding any additional classes (eg. Hunter Safety) that may need to be taken prior to obtaining your permit & license.
Is there a limit do the number of does I can harvest? Is there a charge for taking additional does?  
We encourage the taking of does and do not charge for you to take additional does. You are responsible for obtaining the additional permits (which are sold over the counter) and ensuring that your guide has the information prior to your continuing your hunt.  

How do I get a gun or archery permit in Illinois?   
The archery permits are available in a lottery system in Illinois. The application process involves either applying by telephone or on-line. This takes place during the month of June, with the 30th of June being the deadline for the application.   
The gun permits are available by lottery as well. The application is generally available in mid-July and the deadline is in mid-August. Again, you can apply by telephone or on-line.  
Once you have determined that you will be hunting with us and have sent your deposit, we will send a packet of information that explains the entire process. Of course, you may contact us at any time and we would be happy to help you through the application.

Do you offer group discounts?     
Yes. Please contact the office with the total number of hunters and when you would like to come.  

Are the tags/permits and licenses included in the price of the hunt?  
No. Each hunter is responsible for his/her permits and licenses.  

How do I contact the Illinois Department of Natural Resources?  
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
1 National Resources Way
Springfield, IL  62702
(217) 782-7305
(217) 782-6302

Can I bring a non-hunting guest?    
If we have the availability, you are welcome to bring a non-hunting guest. The cost is $50.00 per night and includes all meals and bedding.   

Can I video my hunt? Do you have stands set up for that purpose?  
We do have some stands that are set up for videoing purposes. If this is your intention, please contact the office as soon as possible to ensure that we have those stands available during your stay.  You may choose to bring your own stands, however, Ted has final say on whether a video may be taken.
Can I purchase extra days for my hunt?    
Yes, again depending on the availability. We fill up our season rather quickly and while we do have some cancellations, we usually have someone to fill that spot, too! So, be sure to check with your guide or Ted during your hunt if you wish to add a day or two (or three!) to your hunt.  

What is your refund policy?     
We require a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 to secure your spot with us. If you later choose to not come, you will not get this required deposit back. If you have sent further payments towards your hunt and decide not to come, the remainder will be sent back to you after November 15 of the year you were scheduled to hunt.     

Can I come during the off-season?    
Yes, please contact the office or Ted if you would like to come and scout the area.   

How much should I tip a guide?    
This varies from hunter to hunter and is completely up to you.  

Do you guarantee a shot?     
No. We are hunting wild deer so there is no way to guarantee success.
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